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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Remember when we had a Real American in the White House?

A president who loved America and commanded respect? Ronald Reagan reminds us in this stirring Memorial Day speech. (Note to Obama: this is what real soaring rhetoric sounds like. Listen up.)

On Memorial Day, Ronald Reagan spoke to Americans about patriotism, heroism, and freedom. Passionate and articulate, his speeches reminded Americans that freedom has a cost, and while the price tag is often high, we are willing to pay it because We Are Americans.

Reagan heaped praise on the families of military service members. Here are some Memorial Day quotes by Ronald Reagan. If you share his enthusiasm and spirit, share these quotes by Ronald Reagan with every patriotic American on Memorial Day. Continue reading

9/11 Never forget 10th anniversary tribute

Budweiser aired an updated spot of the Clydesdales’ commercial on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 — and in it the horses stop and bow on grass before a Manhattan skyline featuring the new skyscraper.

“We feel our 9/11 Clydesdales tribute ad is very special,” Paul Chibe, VP-marketing at Anheuser-Busch, said in a statement regarding the 2011 commercial. “We were proud to re-air the spot on Sunday, the 10th anniversary, as a way to help raise awareness of the fundraising campaign for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. The subtle changes in the ad were intended to reflect the passing of time, and the most important point, that we should never forget those lost and affected by 9/11.”

Here’s the 2002 commercial that aired just one time:

Budweiser one time 9/11 tribute

Here is the famous commercial Budweiser produced after 9/11. They aired it only once, at the Super bowl in January of ’02, so as not to benefit financially from it — they just wanted to acknowledge the tragic event. This is so consistent with a company who always does things with a ton of class! Can you imagine what the cost was? I tip my hat to the guys at Anheuser Busch for having the amount of class they do. Continue reading