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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Have You Forgotten?

In December 2002, Darryl Worley performed for United States soldiers in Afghanistan and Kuwait. When he returned home in the last week of December, he and Nashville songwriter Wynn Varble penned “Have You Forgotten?”. Worley debuted the song at the Grand Ole Opry one month later, on January 10, 2003.

Regarding his motivation for writing the song, Worley says, “I didn’t really care if I made a bunch of money from it. I did want the people that it was written for—the men and women that died in the tragedy of 9/11 and their families, the men and women that wore the uniforms here in our country and then last but not least, our military troops that were in Afghanistan takin’ care of business—I just wanted to do something to honor them.” Continue reading

I Just Came Back From A War

A musical tribute by Darryl Worley honoring those who have come back from the fighting.

The song was inspired by a war veteran Worley met who was having a difficult time adjusting to life back home after being in a war zone for many months. Worley says, “It made me think about what it must be like for all the soldiers, who have served in conflicts past and present, to adjust to being back home. The strain of war must be incredible.” He adds, “This song is from the soldier’s perspective and the message is, ‘Hey man, cut me a little slack if I need a little time to re-adjust here. I’ll get there but be a little patient with me – I just came back from a war.” Continue reading

Thank You For Your Service – movie

A short film dealing with the effects of PTSD on soldiers returning from war.

A Special Forces soldier is severely wounded in Afghanistan, and returns home to find the woman he loves with another man.

Shot with the red camera in June 2012 in Los Angeles. Screened at the P.T. Shorts event for Wounded Warriors in September 2012. Continue reading

Thank You For Your Service (moment of truth)

The Vietnam War marked a time of social unrest that divided our nation like never before. Service members returning home with physical and emotional scars were greeted with an unprecedented level of disrespect and dishonor. The courage and sacrifice of our veterans cannot be overstated. When you encounter them, thank them for their service. You never know how powerful those words may be.

Continue reading

In the name of God and Country

This site is put together to remember those who have served and the sacrifices that have been made to preserve the freedoms that so many of us seem to take for granted.

Those who may be too young to know or understand need to be taught and that responsibility falls upon each and every one of us. Continue reading